Saturday, October 13, 2012


I think one of the most drastic ways to get rid of extra junk is to downsize the place where you put it. When I first moved to Belgium, the apartment was rather small compared to my US house, and there were NO CLOSETS! That meant that I had to figure out how to fit everything I owned into this apartment, and of course I wanted it to be clean and not full of junk all the time.

That is how I started to
look at what I had and to get rid of some stuff that I didn't want or need anymore.

Of course, the point is not to get rid of stuff for the sake of getting rid of stuff. However, if that stuff is more of a burden than anything else, then maybe it is time to let it go.

Now that I am tackling my closet to have more of a simple, minimalist wardrobe, I am thinking that no matter how much I count and sort my clothes, until I have nowhere to put extra stuff, the clutter will still most likely crawl back in.

The other problem with downsizing however, is that if you downsize, say, your closet, and you therefore have less stuff in it, it'll still look full from being smaller. So the question is: do you want to own less stuff, or simply to have a nice-looking, organized closet?

I also realized this: if you stopped worrying about emptying your closet and actually started living your life, maybe the stress that comes with clutter would just disappear!

So good luck organizing, but most importantly, happy living!!

PS: if like me you need help decluttering your closet, you might want to check out these books:

The curated closet

Spark joy

The happy closet

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