Tuesday, September 4, 2012

minimalist student lifestyle

As I was revisiting this blog, I reminisced how nice it was as a student to sit and daydream about the future. I was thinking about how I would have a great job and would go on a lot of adventures with my then wonderful boyfriend (he is now my husband!!)

And then...life happened. I became an adult, grew out of dreaming because
hell, you gotta go to work you don't have time for dreaming, the future is NOW!

And then I came across minimalism. As I tried to shift my focus from clutter and stress to what truly matters, I realized I was longing for something: a group of friends I could call up and laugh with like we are 10 years old again.

That, to me, is the ultimate moment of happiness anybody could possibly wish for.

Sure, I have a lot of friends, or should I say acquaintances; but true friends, who share your tastes and dreams and day-to-day boredom and routine and challenges, not so many.

I am now rich and "fulfilled" according society's definition, but I still don't feel complete: I was happier as a kid than I am now, although I got what I had hoped for: A wonderful husband that I am so thankful for everyday of my life, a great career, etc. So what is wrong? Why does it suck so much? Why don't I feel free and elated and on top of the world when I have the wind in my sails?  


So as I pare down and turn to a more fulfilling, 
simpler life,
 I am going to try and remember 
what it was that made 
life so special
 when I was 18...
make some  
good friends who like a good laugh,
and take it from there.

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