Saturday, September 1, 2012

minimalist grooming

One day I was walking in a DC mall with a friend when a girl stopped me to ask me how long it took me to style my hair in the morning. That was the first step towards selling me hair styling products or equipment, I forget which. I told her point blank: "I don't style my hair in the morning, too much of a hassle, I just can't be bothered, I just brush it and leave". She stared at me in disbelief: "I'm sorry, what???"
To which I replied:
"Well, I can't be bothered, so I just don't style my hair". She still couldn't believe her ears.

It's true, all of it is true, I am too lazy to bother styling my hair, plus it's not how I was raised. So I just brush it, and leave. To some it might seem unimaginable, but I guess if you take a look around, not everyone looks like they are right out of the salon, and in my opinion, that's fine.

I also go make-up-less a lot, like on weekends, when I go out with my husband and friends, I don't wear any make-up. That's mostly because when we get home late at night I want to hop right into bed without spending extra time removing all my make-up. It's just so simple, I can even rub my eyes outside without worrying that my make up is going to get messed up.

Bonus: when I do use make-up I feel prettier, and when I wear none, I just feel normal. But if I wore make-up every single time, I would just feel normal with it on, and uglier without it.

And let me be outrageous here, I don't go to salons anymore, I cut my own hair. After checking out a number of videos on Youtube, I realized it was very easy, and FREE, that I'm just not interested in getting a haircut anymore! I do it better myself!

I also don't get my nails done, never have. I might, some day, but every time I have nail polish on, I am just so stressed out that I am going to damage it, that I can't put up with it more than just a few days. (Yes, and also I cook a lot, so I tend to damage it faster).

So in other words, my minimalist grooming equipment consists of: soap, shampoo, conditioner, alum stone (instead of deodorant), scissors or razor to cut my own hair, perfume, and sometimes makeup. You can check out my minimalist bathroom here.

Kinda sounds like what Dominique Loreau suggests in L'art de la simplicit√© (How to live more with less), doesn't it?

What is your minimalist grooming equipment? Let me know in the comments section!

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