Monday, October 22, 2012

Minimalist halloween costume?

It's that time of year again: Halloween, the time when pumpkin carving and costume parties happen all around town.

For me, buying a costume is usually synonymous with wasted space in my closet right after the party. Last year I tried to make a costume with clothes I already had in my closet and ended up with
a goth-like theme. All black, with lace and dark make up. It was pretty convincing.

This year however, I was bored of the same old thing so after thinking a lot and finding nothing great in my closet, I decided to give in and buy a costume. Of course, it's nothing huge with a lot of plastic plates, masks or hats. It a simple flapper dress with small accessories, similar to this one.

The main conundrums for me when shopping for a costume are: will I be able to wear it again in my everyday life? Will I enjoy using it again as a costume next year? Won't I get bored of the costume and want to choose a different one next time? Etc etc. The only consolation (on top of having fun at the party, of course!) is that once folded the dress is so small that it's not really taking any space at all.

The year before, I tried to do the same and not use anything too big. I ended up buying a few accessories and impersonating Lady Gaga. It was kind of easy: red cocktail dress, blonde wig, fake mic, viking helmet, etc. Weirdness was good enough with the blonde wig. Then I moved overseas and threw it away, and now I am so, so sad I did, because I would've sure wanted to put on that helmet and stuff again! I still have the dress of course, but no accessories. The stuff I found here to recreate it wasn't that great, that's why I ended up buying a different costume altogether.

Bottom line: even though I might want to minimize as much as possible, maybe getting rid of things too quickly isn't such a great idea!

What are you doing for Halloween? Any simple costume ideas? Share in the comments!!


  1. I have two costumes I go between, Scotsman with kilt and Steampunk. They're both minimalist costumes.

    The Scotsman - kilt (Authentic -from grandparent's travels), white button down shirt, navy blue sports coat, long white socks, black dress shoes, matching plaid accessories for socks and pocket. Everything except the kilt and plaid accessories I can use for other occasions.

    Steampunk - Tan button down shirt, vest, pocket watch, fedora, and black dress shoes. I don't normally wear the vest, but the other items are used for other occasions. I'm considering getting welding goggles that'd be just for the costume. but if I ever did welding they could serve a dual purpose.

  2. Hi Wayne, thank you for your comment! I like your idea, it's a really nice way to dress up yet not have too many unused items in your wardrobe! Thanks for sharing!