Saturday, September 1, 2012

Declutter your disposable items

One thing that we have been doing since moving to Belgium with my husband is decluttering disposable items. Except for toilet paper, we don't own any disposable cleaning supplies in the house anymore. Actually I lied, we have one old half empty roll of paper towels that made it here with the move, but it has been tucked away in some cupboard for so long that I had forgotten all about it until I cleaned out the kitchen the other day.

Instead of paper towels, we use
sponges, cloths and rags, and instead of tissues, we use handkerchiefs (see my other post here). It has allowed us to free up some space in the house since we don't need to stock up on disposable supplies - we don't really have a lot of storage space to organize or store a lot of items anyway. It has also simplified shopping: those were one-time acquisitions; they get washed regularly, which means that we don't need to free up time to go shopping for more.

The only things we do dispose of are the sponges after they come apart, many months later. (When we are done with our last sponge, we are going to start using dish cloths like these or these so we can just pop them in the wash every so often.)

I know it might not sound that appealing at first, but it is really good not to have to worry about running out of tissues and such, freeing time to buy more and spending money every so often for those items.

If I was able to convince my husband, who came from a germophobic household, I think you can give it a try!! I can assure you that you won't regret it!! It will make your life simpler and free up time and energy for what you really love to do.

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