Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How much clutter is too much clutter?

When sizing down, people only think of one thing: getting rid of things! The less things, the better: we have too much clutter, and we need to size down, sell, donate, or throw out stuff, and finally -phew!- take a break because we've earned it!

But in all this frenzy of simplifying and downsizing to a
more minimalistic ideal, how much is enough? How much clutter is too much? How much stuff is just right?
Isn't it difficult to find a balance?

I find myself in this very situation at the moment. I am excited about sizing down an already pretty clear home, but I am thinking that maybe I don't need to... Everything is in its right place, not much is out on the table or someplace it doesn't belong - mostly the occasional couple of letters that will eventually end up where they need to be.

So am I already there volume-wise? Do I still need to pare down?

What are your thoughts on how much is enough? Drop a comment to let me know!

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