Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Be content with what you have

One thing that my mom repeated to me quite often when my little unsatisfied self was growing up is: "you need to learn to appreciate what you have".
Many years on, I think she was right: no matter how hard you try, how many dresses you buy, you are always you, there is no running away from yourself. So instead of
fleeing, embrace who you are, and live by a few simple rules...

Learn to love your face and show your brightest smile to the world.

Learn to love your body: it might not be perfect, but it breathes and lives and gets you places and lets you feel so many things, that for what it does it is perfection already.

Learn to find joy in the smallest things instead of boredom in grander ones.

Hope for tomorrow but live today.

Free yourself from want / jealousy.

Dream big, then take action.

Happiness is just a step away.

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