Sunday, September 30, 2012

Simplify your kitchen with Tenugui!

A while ago, I posted about how you can declutter your bag wardrobe with Furoshiki. Well, in the same vein, you can declutter your kitchen cloths and such with Tenugui.

Tenugui is a very thin cotton cloth used by the Japanese in ancient times as washcloths, or towels, wraps, headbands, etc. Tenugui is very versatile and can be used in a number of settings. I really like the fact that it is so thin and pretty, too. It comes in all sorts of prints and patterns.

In my kitchen drawer at the moment, I have a number of cloths that I use to dry the dishes or my hands, or others that I use to soak up spills. The kitchen wasn't made by someone who cooks it seems like, because we don't even have a proper silverware drawer. So in the only drawer in the whole kitchen we put cloths, so they are readily accessible in case of spillage.

The problem is, try to fit several of them in the tiny drawer, and the pile grows and you can't close the drawer anymore. But with Tenugui, it's a breeze, because the fabric is so thin. I have been using Tenugui in my minimalist kitchen, and I love it!

On top of being used as a cloth, Tenugui has many other uses. Here is a picture of a number of things you can do with Tenugui.


If you want more information about Tenugui, here are a few cool books where you can learn how to use it!

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