Saturday, January 19, 2013

minimalism: the idea of one

I was reading this interesting page just the other day about minimalist closets and paring down your clothes. And I really love the fact that when you try to own less stuff, you should "embrace the idea of one". To sum up what the article said, it's all about owning only one coat, only one pair of black shoes, only one black belt, etc.

Then I figured...
if this applies to items of clothing, why not apply it to clothing containers? That is how I ended up posting a comment on that page, which I will paste below:

The idea of one can also apply to a closet or wardrobe. I know a lot of people who need more than a regular (dorm size or Ikea size) closet for clothes, but if you decide that 'one' should be all that you need, then you have to work with only that space, and anything that won't fit in there shouldn't have to fit in your life.

In case you are interested, Joshua Becker has a lot to say on the matter, he has even written a few books you might want to check out!

What do you think of applying the idea of ONE to containers/furniture?

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