Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Declutter your life with this simple tip!

Very often we have a lot to do and not much time or willpower to do it. Personally, I hate cleaning and the most cleaning I am willing to do is the dishes. But of course, I can't let dust accumulate or the shower get moldy. This is why I try not to have to
do the cleaning by not dirtying stuff in the first place.

For example: after each shower, it takes me a split second to apply the squeegee to the glass and mirror, and saves me a long time scrubbing the same surfaces with a lot of chemicals on the weekend. As a result, my shower and mirror in the bathroom never get dirty (except the occasional toothpaste splash that either gets cleaned immediately or with the next shower).

Like I said, I hate cleaning, and knowing that I have to do it will take up space in the back of my mind, stress me out, and in the end I won't necessarily want to do it that day so it'll have to wait until the weekend or a more convenient time, all the while stressing me out some more.

By putting in an extra 2 minutes (or mere seconds even!) every single time, I ensure that I don't have to set a whole hour aside to do the cleaning at the end of the week.

More freedom for me, less to worry about!

My minimalist bathroom
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