Thursday, August 30, 2012

Minimalism and the lazy factor

I must have mentioned in previous posts that for some things I am very lazy. It's usually a bad thing to be lazy, but if you want to have a minimalist lifestyle, I think it can actually be a good thing. I usually tend to find a lazy reason not to purchase more stuff (bah, I'll go tomorrow...) and it's been helpful in some ways.

For instance, one thing that I do often is refuse plastic bags when I am offered some at the store, because I usually
carry everything home - I walk or bike mostly - so I have 2 fabric bags with me, and anything more would be too heavy or too bulky to carry home. So if it doesn't fit in the bag, I put something back, because I am TOO DAMN LAZY to carry it all home!!!!

Let's face it, when the Walmart lady puts one item per bag, I don't have the time or the energy to look through all 20 bags she filled and make sure I'm not missing my 5-dollar item that she hid in yet another bag!!! I am TOO DAMN LAZY!

Oh and let me add, when I use stuff, I put it back where it belongs immediately: clothes in the hamper, do the dishes before eating (that's for another post), put papers back on the shelf as soon as I'm done, etc, because I don't have time to spend on the weekend to clean everything up, I AM TOO DAMN LAZY!!!!!


So maybe in the end, I am not a minimalist, maybe I am just lazy! :-D

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